Do you use chemicals or soaps in your cleaning process?
How long will my carpets need to dry after cleaning?
Will the price of the estimate change after the work is completed?
What happens if I have my carpets cleaned and a spill happens the next day?
How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

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How to care for your carpets

Ever wondered how to care for your carpets? Wonder no more, the following five easy steps will help you maintain your carpets:

1. Vacuum your carpet often: once or twice a week, at the very least. This will keep airborne or tracked-in dirt from being ground into the fiber. It is best to vacuum before the carpet wears and appears soiled.

2. Truck-mounted, soap-free cleaning will help ensure your carpet stays in top condition. Carpet manufacturers require periodic professional cleaning to maintain their warranty. Carpet manufacturers’ warranties state that “truck-mounted, hot water extraction with a minimum of 200 degrees or you will void your warranty.” This provision eliminates about 60-percent of local carpet cleaners. Professional, truck-mounted, soap-free cleaning will not leave any residue behind and can be performed as often as needed.

3. After professional cleaning, have protector applied. This will protect and extend the life of your carpet and will keep you from having to replace it prematurely due to abrasive soiling, wear and stains. It will allow you to properly clean up spills or unexpected spots. It is safe for your children and pets and leaves your carpet clean, bright and fresh.

4. Immediate spot removal and spill cleanup is very important. Although, if you have had protector applied, there is no need to panic if a spill goes unnoticed and is dry. The protector applied will allow you to easily and effectively remove almost every spot. Some stains like food dyes, permanent ink, and fingernail polish require a professional cleaning process and should not be touched. This could set the stain as permanent. Contact your carpet cleaner for assistance.

5. Spot removal should be done properly to ensure the spot does not get worse or become a permanent blemish. We provide our customers with a professional grade bottle of spotter and instructions on how to use it most effectively. The spotter is soap-free and will clean 90-percent of your household stains.

How to care for your upholstery

1. Just as dirt and dust can unnecessarily ruin your carpet, it can unnecessarily ruin your upholstery. You should vacuum it often to reduce the abrasion that can occur with dirt and dust build-up. Make sure to vacuum all fabric, cracks and crevices.

2. Protect your upholstery from sun damage which can deteriorate the fabric.

3. Try to keep your pets off of the upholstery as much as possible, as their body oils rub off onto the upholstery and are very difficult to remove.

4. Have your upholstery cleaned professionally. Just as you care for your carpet, it is ideal to care for your upholstery and avoid replacing costly pieces prematurely.

5. Have protector applied after professionally cleaning. This will allow you to properly clean any spots or accidental spills. It will extend the life of your upholstery, and combined with proper professional cleaning, will keep your home clean and beautiful.